Who we are?  
  We are an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Oswego County. Acting in partnership with Oswego County Government, and other county agencies, we bring evidence-based solution to issues affecting individuals, families and communities.
 What we do?  
  We provide "real world" educational programs to people who live and work in Oswego County, with a special emphasis on families. Through education, we give people the opportunity to make meaningful decisions that will impact their lives.
 Why we do it?  
  We believe that education can change lives and communities while improving society for everyone. We are dedicated in our approach and committed to working with everyone toward beneficial change.

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Save the Date! 5th Annual Oswego County Harvest Dinner is October 3, 2014 at The American Foundry in Oswego. Click here for more info

•Find Local Berries and Cherries! - Click here for more info

2014 Oswego County Farmers Markets Directory - here

The 2014 Cornell Integrated Hops Production Guide  is now available for distribution. Click here for more info.

Buy Local! Use the Harvest Guide- Available Online! Click here to learn more!


• First Annual Oswego County 4-H Fabric Sale - Aug. 16 - Click for more info and find out how to donate and/or buy!


Summer Wildflower Wander
Saturday, July 20th @ 2:00 pm
Come delight in an afternoon stroll with Pat Carney, to meet and greet the "little people" of the forest floor and fields.  The group will amble along the center's open spaces and trails, exploring Evening Primrose, Lady's Thumb, Fleabane and other flowers whose common names and stories can be as colorful as their blossoms.  A slide presentation will be offered in case of inclement weather.     
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•. The Art of Quilling
Monday, August 4th @ 6:30 pm
Quilling or paper filigree is the art form of cutting and rolling narrow strips of paper into coils of several sizes to create designs. Strips of paper are curled, twisted and manipulated by fingers or tools. The process, which dates back to at least the 13th Century, originated with religious orders who used the gilded edges of old manuscripts to decorate religious artifacts. It is believed the paper was curled around the base of a quill (or feather), hence the name quilling. Today, this art form is resurging in popularity with some modern day techniques and tools.      
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• WaterWorld Hike
Tuesday, August 5th @ 10:00 am
Kids of all ages are invited to come for a “wet and wild” summer morning adventure.  Participants will hike through Rowell Brook, investigating wildlife that live in and near the brook.  Feet will get wet and hands will be busy while everyone explores for crayfish, minnows, insect larva and other waterworld creatures. Everyone is requested to wear old clothes and footgear (old sneakers or water shoes, no flip-flops please).   
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The Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center, owned and operated by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County's 4-H Program, consists of 150 acres of mixed woods, wetlands, and Rowell Brook. Three miles of hiking trails guide visitors through the ecosystems and are available to the public year round, from dusk until dawn.


Be sure to check out our page for helpful information for you and your family.